יום חמישי, 6 בינואר 2011

The Tech Museum and dining

We visited the Tech museum in the morning, still one of the first drives in the US without any GPS, took a green stick-note from Eti's kitchen and drew a little map of the area, We found a distant place to park the car there, the places we've seen "public parking" cost about 10$ an hour so we had to walk a bit in the cold.
And Perli found a nice colored car

The museum is very playful, most of the artifacts are very interactive, when we have kids we should visit there (also next time we should also get to Epcot Center...)
We finished the visit in a diner named "Johnny rockets" there we had a meal we also put the camera in stop motion mode (CHDK) and it turned out like this:

Additional pictures from today can be seen in this link